Prominent Wogan's

Sir John Wogan  became the  Justicar of Ireland in 1295

1294 ,John Wogan was made Lord Justice and the said John made peace between the Earl of Ulster and John FitzThomas and the Geraldines

1295 Sir John Wogan made Justicar of Ireland by Edward1st of England [Longshanks] and  in the same year  was   ordered by the King to have 20,000men ready 10,000of which are mounted to cross the sea  to Scotland in the service of the King .The film Brave heart depicted the Irish defecting to the Scottish Ranks in facts disclosed it was nearly the Welsh who were ready to defect as they were cold  and hungry. This was far from the truth as the Irish played a major role in the defeat of the Scots as they took with them  Irish  horses   hobbledars as they was aptly named they matched the light horses that Wallace used to leash quick hit and run tactics against the English troops the Irish played them at their own game. Sir John's reign as Justicar was reputed to be very strict and one sided as the Irish were not represented at the Parliament. 1317 saw Edward 2nd grant the lands and manor of Rathcoffey and later the Castle, Manor and territory of Kildare.1299 George de la Roche in Ireland grants the rights to Castle Maurice in Wales to Sir John Wogan of Picton- the result, the founding of the Wogan chantry at St. David's (Pembrokeshire, Wales) .Picton Castle is still standing to this day and went over to the Phillips family through marriage .Sir John Wogan is buried in St David's Cathederal.


Edward Wogan held Oliver Cromwell at bay.1649

The fort at Duncannon was under siege and the commander of the Fort at the time Thomas Roche informed the Duke of Ormonde  that there  was no way that he could hold the fort against Cromwell and that he would have to surrender as there were no provisions coming in to the fort .The Duke of Ormonde then sent Edward Wogan himself a defector from Ireton's ranks under Cromwell along with 120 cavalry to replace Roche. They arrived just in time to save the fort and sent a defiant answer to Cromwell and he abandoned the siege rather than pursue it through the Winter. By these actions  Waterford was saved Cromwell had to take a detour and capture Passage Fort on the opposite bank allowing ships to access up river .By the time he managed to reach Waterford the ground around the town walls was too wet to support the heavy guns and the now reinforced town walls were to well defended for the unbreached walls to be stormed .So Duncannon helped save Waterford ,the only town in Ireland to successfully withstand an attack from Oliver Cromwell's army.


Thomas Wogan the Regicide

regicide n. 1. a person who kills or takes part in killing a king. 2. the act of killing a king [L rex regis king +CIDE]

Was the 52nd signatory of the death warrant of Charles 1st was born in Pembrokeshire and fought in both civil wars and was reputed be a very good soldier. He was a Lieutenant in the Parliamentary Army in Pembroke in 1644. On the 17th April 1648 he was  issued with instructions  by both Houses of Parliament  to return to South Wales and appease the unrest that was prevailing there .At the battle of St Fagan's in Glamorgan he was reputed to have fought with great vigour and carried himself from first to last and encouraged the  soldiers throughout. When the parliament heard of this victory he was made Colonel and then  later Governor of Duncannon in 1649 ironically the same fort that Edward Wogan held. He was taken prisoner by   Col Zanchy but was soon released he was actively engaged  at Preston and Liverpool and in March 1651  he was added  to the  High Court of Justice He was Member of Parliament for Cardigan 1646-53 and sat as as one of the members of the High Court of Justice and condemned Charles the First to death and signed the death warrant Jan 1649 . On the crowning of Charles 2nd all the regicides were brought to justice  and was held at York Castle until he escaped to Holland where he died in grief.

Charles [Chevalier ]Wogan 1698-1754

Was born Rathcoffey Ireland served under Henry Oxburgh who surrendered at Preston 1715 escaped from Newgate Prison then joined Dillon's Regiment in France. James 111 the Old Pretender selected Charles to win him the hand of his future bride a Russian Princess that mission failed .He then chose Maria Clemantina Sobieski granddaughter of Jan Sobieski the deliverer of Europe from the Turks .She was arrested whilst on her way to Bologna to meet Wogan at Innsbruck by the Emperor who did not want to spoil the relationship with the British .Charles Wogan rescued her and took her to her future husband .He was awarded a Baronetcy by James 111  and the Pope conferred on him the title of a Roman Senator .A number of Novels have been written about the escapade including The King across the water [1911] a novel written by Justin Huntly McCarthy a study in a book by J.M.Flood The Life of Chevalier Charles Wogan ,A Soldier of Fortune [1922] Charles wrote a novel about his adventure and then sent his writings to Swift  who was unable to find a publisher .A film was made about the Adventure The Iron Glove which was made in 1954 Directed by William Castle Produced by Sam Katzman.  Robert Stack played Charles Wogan and other cast included Ursula Thiess ,Richard Stapley,Charles Irwin,Alan Hale Jr, Leslie Bradley ,Louis D Merrill and Paul Cavanagh . Charles took office in the Spanish army and made a Colonel where he distinguished himself at the relief of Santa Cruz from which he was made Brigadier General and made Governer of La Mancha.  Charles  even in Spain contributed to the Jacobite cause by drawing up invasion plans and sending arms to Ireland to prevent the defence of the Hanovians. There is a painting by an unknown artist hanging in the National  Gallery Ireland. He died in Barcelona 21July 1754.

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Iron Glove, The


Terry Wogan presenter  

Terry was born in Limerick Ireland and has presented many Radio and Television shows .He was educated at Crescent College Limerick and moved into Banking .His first job as a presenter was with Radio Telefis Eirean as a newsreader/announcer . I recollect Terry when I was a lad was his spin with Radio Caroline pirate radio moored of the Isle of Man. (i could be wrong about this one there is no evidence to support this only my memory)  He moved on to the BBC in 1969 as a stand in for Jimmy Young who was on holiday and from that he was offered his own show .Since then he has never looked back he has his own Breakfast Show had his own TV chat show and is the presenter of the Eurovision song contest .Of all the prominent Wogan's Terry stands out the most because he is on the media at the present time .



There have been many more prominent Wogan's in all walks of we have had Painters ,Authors, Politicians ,Clergymen High ranking Army soldiers, Diplomats to name a few .

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